Binance Us Is Your Worst Enemy. Ten Ways To Defeat It

After the nationwide initiation, Binance US unavailable in thirteen (13) major states of the United States of America (US) that include Washington and New York. 600. The platform is not available in all 50 states of America. It has a competitive fee structure, especially for users with higher trading volumes, and provides a user-friendly trading platform with fast access speed. If a platform has weak identity verification capabilities, bad actors can find a way to register multiple accounts to serve this purpose – for example, by using fake IDs or taking advantage of lax policies when platforms allow account registration without government-issued IDs. However we’ve chosen to conservatively assume that it may do bad things. You agree that we may act in such capacities and provide any other Binance Services or carry out any business with or for you, any Binance Affiliate or any other user. Users see their active devices and sessions, can log out and close active sessions using another device.

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