You may be able to lower your elevated blood
pressure naturally, living without statin drugs
and their risks and discomforts.

Statin drugs decrease CO-Q-10 production in your
body. And CO-Q-10 is needed for every cell in the
body in its mitochondria, including the heart.

A healthy heart needs more, not less, CO-Q-10, a
very good reason not to use statins, if possible.

Serious fatigue and muscle pain can result from statin

What’s the alternative to statins?

There’s a natural tool box of blood pressure lowering
approaches available. Steven Sinatra, M.D. and Gary
Null, Ph.D have strong credibility and very specific
advice in this area.

I’ll combine my own successful hypertension lowering experiences, too, integrating them into Sinatra and
Null’s sage advice.

As I gained weight 15 years ago, becoming an
unpleasingly plump 262 pounds, my blood pressure
soared to the 180 over 95.

I rejected statin prescriptions, fired my
pill-pushing doctor, joined a Gold’s Gym,
and exercised down to under 200 lbs within two

My blood pressure returned to normal. So, I know
that in many cases, including mine, natural means
can defeat or lessen hypertension.

The best tool in the tool box is Co-Q-10. If you have
high blood pressure, then a daily dosage of 300 mg
–equally divided and taken with meals–is a good dosage.

If you have no hypertensive Buy Cardarine problems, a Co-Q-10 dosage
of 30 to 60 mg is OK.

I take 300 mg daily, since I’ve had problems with
elevated blood pressure, and I want to keep this
under tight control. My blood pressure averages

You must take Co-Q-10 for 12 full weeks before
attaining the desired benefit–then keep taking it.

Doctor Sinatra also recommends D-Ribose along with
Co-Q-10. D-Ribose energizes your cells naturally–it’s
not a stimulant. A daily amount of three 2,000
mg dosages is good, particularly before or after
exercise. I take this, too.

Recent research has found that much larger doses of
Co-Q-10 (1,200 mg) can delay the progression of
Parkinson’s Disease by up to 44%.